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Project and Portfolio 7

Project and Portfolio VII combined all of my learning from my degree program. Here, I was tasked with creating a song from start to finish. While this did not include songwriting, the rest of the process included but was not limited to: recording, editing, mixing, mastering and producing. I chose to do a cover of You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music. I was able to round up some of my musician friends and we did a live-recording of this song. We decided to go with a live recording over the studio so we could capture the energy that it brings and have a similar feel to Bethel Music's live version of the song. All the credits are listed below, I hope you enjoy!

You Make Me BraveMC
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Band Name: MC

Song Title: You Make Me Brave

Genre: Modern Worship

Original Songwriter: Amanda Cook

Original Label: Bethel Music

Producer: Jacob Berg

Engineer: Jacob Berg

Drums: Jason Sweet

Bass: Scott Muellenberg

Electric Guitar: Trevor Wiest

Acoustic Guitar: Darren Hensel

Keyboard/MIDI: Chance Persons

Lead Vocal: Abby Herzog

Backing Vocal: Darren Hensel

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