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Project and Portfolio 3
Mix Project
Rest On UsEmma Miller
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In this course, I acted as the producer, and engineer of a song. Throughout the month, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I learned and developed in previous classes to this final project. These included: recording techniques for live instruments and vocals, session set-up, many various mixing techniques, and a solid introduction to mastering as well. 

I really feel like I learned a lot this month and am pretty happy with the finished product here. I tried many different techniques when it came time to mix, many of which sounded pretty good, but just did not fit the style of music I was going for. I had a fun time working on this project and already have a few more lined up to practice and develop my skills further.

Song Title: Rest On Us

Live Instruments Recorded:

Vocalist/Guitar: Emma Miller

Cajon/Shaker: Jake Berg

Virtual Instruments Recorded:

Bass, Keys

Original Song By Maverick City Music and Upper Room

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