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Project and Portfolio 2 Final Project

     Throughout the course of this class, I worked on several projects. All three projects involved editing, using ProTools, then implementing all the sounds, using Wwise, for a certain game level, including general ambience and atmospheric elements, objects in the game and special sounds that trigger at various points in the game.

     The first game level was a forest. For this project, I edited ambience and wind loops as well as edited bird sounds from typical birds one might find in a forest setting. Then I implemented these into the game level by using Wwise. This was a great first project to start to learn the different techniques to edit these sounds and to learn the implementation software which I had not used very much in the past aside from some simple settings.

     The second game level was a graveyard. This project was similar to the first but added more sound design responsibilities and different methods of creating sound effects. Included here were sounds for ambience, wind, fire pit and whisper loops, as well as owl and thunder sounds. I liked working on this level as I do like horror movies. In fact halloween is my favorite holiday. It was fun to design my own sounds for a creepy game level.

     The final project was a sci-fi facility. This was my favorite one to do. Included here were ambience, alarm, and CPU loops, and door, airburts, and vocal phrase sound effects. I enjoyed working on this level because there were more layers and I have always enjoyed the sci-fi type games. I also learned some new techniques in recording sounds to create natural reverb.

     In all three of these, I learned something new, and really enjoyed the process. Below is a short demo reel showcasing the final results of each of the three game levels.

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