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Project and Portfolio 5

Throughout this month in Project and Portfolio 5, we worked on several business related documents. These documents included a business proposal, business plan and a representation of the product and/or service that our company offers. Below are each of these documents with a short explanation of each.

Business Proposal

My business proposal outlines the basics of what our business is. It answers questions like: what kind of business is it? What entity type will it be registered as? How will it generate income? What legal documentation will be needed? What marketing and funding are in the plan?

Business Plan

The business plan explains more details about the company including: logo, slogan, mission statement, description of services, budget (including startup and operating costs), revenue streams, and legal paperwork.

Product/Service Showcase

My business service showcase was done in a similar style as a demo reel. Since Prizar Entertainment offers a range of services, I thought it best to showcase as many as I could. In the video you'll be listening to a song that I mixed and mastered (as part of the studio services), as well as some pictures from lighting design, sound design and sound engineering work that I've done in the past.

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